International Women’s Day 2024: Meet RLB’s Suzanne Yip

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  • International Women’s Day 2024: Meet RLB’s Suzanne Yip
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“RLB undoubtedly provides a safe and supportive environment that allows every woman to unleash her full potential, make significant contributions and pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse industry.”

Suzanne Yip, Senior Quantity Surveyor, Hong Kong

Suzanne Yip embarked on her career at RLB HK after completing her studies at the University of Reading. Through these years, she experienced unparalleled support from both the company and her colleagues, which propelled her way upward in the construction field.

The numerous opportunities and unwavering support she received from both the company and her colleagues all these years was beyond words. Suzanne has been able to progress in delivering professional cost consultancy services in both the private and public sector projects of varying scales.

Thanks to the nurturing working environment that RLB HK has cultivated over the years, as well as the prevailing hybrid working policies, Suzanne had the privilege of observing many inspiring mothers who effortlessly balance their family responsibilities while excelling in the services they deliver. She understands women are indispensable asset in the project team thanks to their collaborative nature and innate ability to deliver projects successfully.

Witnessing their incredible achievements, Suzanne also embraced both personal and professional milestones in last year, from overcoming challenges at work, completing her master’s degree at HKU, participating in the renowned Global Employee Exchange Programme (GEEP), to settling into marriage. It is a testament to the fact that, without boundaries or prejudice, women can indeed manage to do it all.

Being selected as the GEEP candidate representing the Hong Kong Office, she was able to engage in knowledge and technical skills exchange with aspiring women leaders and colleagues from the London office, like Gemma Prior. This international exposure has not only expanded Suzanne’s horizons of women in construction but also instilled in her the belief that there are no limits to what she can achieve within the sector.