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RLB in Singapore is pleased to announce our Managing Director Colin Kin, and Director Lai Sun Mei have recently completed their NEC4 Accredited Project Manager Training and Certification, through the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). These qualifications are part of RLB’s commitment to see the adoption of more collaborative contracting, and particularly the NEC4 in Singapore.

We are a strong supporter of a move away from traditionally adversarial contracting approaches, and keenly advocate a move towards more equitable risk sharing, win-win, relationship-building procurement methodologies.

RLB has extensive experience in Hong Kong in the use of the NEC suite of contracts and is the Consultant QS on CAG’s ECC Project in Singapore, the first private sector project to adopt the PSSCOC Collaborative Contracting Option Module.

The collaborative methods embodied in NEC4, are not new to us and have always been a core part of RLB in Singapore’s service values:   

The early warning process is a key element of our cost management approach, on complex fast track projects. It is in line with our proactive, not reactive cost management philosophy: We strive to anticipate all potential extra cost, investigate all potential risks, and raise early warnings on all future uncertainties.

Prospective and progressive agreement of variations: To ensure early resolution and no surprises at final account stage. On our Marina Bay Sands project for example, we held bi-weekly commercial meetings with contractors to resolve all cost and claims issues. We closed out final accounts for all 240 trade packages within 12 months, all within the $6B budget.

Partnering mindset:

This success was only possible through developing good working relationships with the multitude of contractors:

  • Engaged and insisted on the involvement of the most senior executives with decision making authority in the contractors organisation
  • Held regular update meetings with contractors senior management and discussed problems and solutions in informal sessions
  • Built trust and recognized the need for “face”
  • Sought regular feedback on progress, problems, issues and how these can be solved as a team
  • Encouraged proactiveness to volunteer information about problems encountered and not to leave big issues to themselves
  • Encouraged co-operation through an environment of partnering, rather than threats

RLB in Singapore would be happy to advise and assist you on your collaborative contracting journey, should you wish to know more.