RLB in Davao signs contract with two huge developers

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  • RLB in Davao signs contract with two huge developers
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Davao City, Philippines – major deals closed

RLB in Davao has recently signed contracts with two of the largest land developers in Davao City: Santos Land Development Corporation (SLDC) and Mardigold Corporation/Gardenstate Enterprises Inc.

The contracts were signed with both companies on the same day – April 22, 2016, and was led by RLB Chairman and President, Corazon C. Ballard.

Contract Signing with SLDC

Santos Land Development Corporation, the developer behind many of Davao City’s established residential enclaves, has teamed up with RLB to construct two huge developments that will change the landscape along J.P. Laurel Avenue in Davao City. These projects include the proposed Hotel Obsidian, a 10-storey four-star hotel and Ivory Residences, a 12-storey residential building. The construction of these developments is expected to be in full swing by the second quarter of the year.

Ms. Ballard signed the contract for both projects with SLDC President, Antonio Nicholas S. Domingo. The event was held at the Santos Building corporate boardroom.

Contract Signing with Mardigold / Gardenstate Enterprises, Inc.

RLB in the Philippines will be providing cost consultancy services to yet another residential condominium project, after signing a contract with Mardigold Corporation and Gardenstate Enterprises Inc. for the construction of the proposed Inspiria Condominium, a 21-storey residential project,which will be located along J.P. Laurel Street beside Abreeza Mall, also in Davao City.

Inspiria Condominium is a joint venture between Mardigold Corporation and its sister company, Gardenstate Enterprises, Inc. Mardigold is the owner of the project, while Gardenstate will be developing it. The construction of the building started in May.

The contract signing was also attended by Mardigold Corporation Manager for Administration Reynaldo Denolan (in lieu of the owner, Ms. Aurora Piang). It was held at North Palm Hotel in Lanang, Davao City.

A Progressive City

Due to its good governance and well-disciplined constituents, Davao City has been one of the most progressive cities, not only in Mindanao, but in the country. It boasts a thriving economy, prosperous agriculture industry, and most importantly, a booming real estate sector. A long list of planned development in Davao is expected to happen in the coming months and years, thanks to the aggressive expansion of homegrown developers in the city, the introduction of major real estate players, and the victory of former Davao City Mayor and President-elect, Rodrigo Duterte.