RLB launches new carbon estimating services in Hong Kong

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  • RLB launches new carbon estimating services in Hong Kong
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Anderson Chan


Anderson Chan


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Managing carbon emissions of built assets provides added value to clients in their decision-making process. Today measuring carbon emissions throughout the life cycle of built assets is increasingly seen as an important step in the project delivery process. 

Anderson Chan, Director of North Asia says, “To support clients in their sustainability journey, RLB has developed a range of service offerings in Hong Kong as value-added services which include carbon assessment across all life cycle stages enabling built assets to achieve the lowest carbon impacts.”

Our digital solutions not only facilitate collaboration among stakeholders in sustainable construction, but also enable us to conduct the carbon quantification in a structured manner with quality data.

As part of our commitment to achieving net zero by 2030, RLB has established a global carbon policy that aligns our business with international targets set out in the Paris Agreement.

Anderson concludes, “By offering services that help clients measure and manage carbon emissions and with RLB’s expertise, this truly demonstrates our strength and commitment in supporting the built environment sector’s efforts to follow the trajectory to net zero.”

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