RLB supports social enterprise in 2017 Calendar

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  • RLB supports social enterprise in 2017 Calendar
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RLB has always embraced the idea of reaching out to help others. In our 2017 RLB Calendar, we have partnered with Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong (ADAHK), a non-governmental organisation, to produce the design.

This is made up of 12 drawings created by four artists (ADAHK’s Green Leaf Artist and Registered Artist with Disability) Miss Chiu Wai Chi, Mr Frank Wong, Miss Chan Tung Mui and Mr Wong Wing Hong.

With a mission to promote creativity and social inclusion, ADAHK creates business initiatives by promoting the talents of artists with disabilities. Through our collaboration with ADAHK, RLB aims to create job opportunities and increase income for artists with disabilities in Hong Kong.

RLB would like to give special thanks to renowned Hong Kong architect and calligrapher Mr Chung Wah Nan, who created the Chinese characters of our name on the cover of the calendar.