Looking back at my 40-year career

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How far have we come in the built environment about the things that really matter?

“It is just over 40 years since I graduated from the University of Manchester and started out on my journey into Civil Engineering within the built environment. Of course, 40 years ago it wasn’t called the built environment but the construction industry.  As I write this column, my last one before I retire as a Global and UK Board Director at RLB, and as an active member of the industry, apart from supporting the Value Toolkit transition to its new home at the IPA, I feel optimistic about how far we have come, yet realistic about how far we still have to go when it comes down to the things that matter in our industry.”

Read about Ann Bentley’s thoughts on how the industry has moved forward yet is still on its journey when it comes to Health & Safety, Climate Crisis, Social Value and People & Culture in Building magazine

Article: What a long way we’ve come – and what a long way we still have to go