Shaping the future of business parks



RLB is assisting with the redevelopment of an existing commercial area known as Basing View.

RLB is working with the architects’ BIM models to provide dynamic cost advice, and with the engineers to establish fixed infrastructure costs for bridges, services, upgrades and topography.
We are helping to secure a key gateway tenant for a 9,290 square-metre retail store, developing a 23,225 square-metre new commercial development, and upgrading highways and landscaping.
Apart from the traditional cost consultancy services, RLB is providing life-cycle costing to help with the strategic approach.

At a glance

  • Client
    Muse Developments
  • Services
    Commercial Success, Cost Planning and Cost Modelling, Life Cycle Cost
  • sector
    Commercial, Mixed Use, Retail
  • Location
    Basingstoke, United Kingdom