Bespoke solution improves data capture



A leading national retailer required a fit-for-the-future surveying engine to drive its estate-wide capital investment programme, improve efficiency and help to de-risk its large property portfolio. RLB Digital was appointed to design and develop a fully-customised building condition surveying solution to meet these objectives.

The first focus of our project team was people. We engaged with key stakeholders from across the organisation to fully understand their requirements and how data could best help them to propel the business forward. This process put a spotlight on the incredible value of capturing good data and using it to improve collaboration between different parts of the business.

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    RLB Digital, Mobile Data Capture
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    Nationwide, United Kingdom

Flexible, innovative solution

Our next focus was the design and build process, leading to the creation of a flexible, innovative solution offering targeted survey interactions, automation of manual processes and integration with third-party software. Drawing on our experience of risk management, we were able to improve the capture and classification of risk to support its future management. A business intelligence section was created to map dedicated areas of the estate to support analysis and inform capital replacement programmes.

“Providing guidance on the development life cycle and stakeholder engagements, one of the most pleasing aspects of the project has been to see how the use of digital and data can bring together teams to work towards a shared goal.”
Craig Wynne, Head of Technical Services IT, RLB

Our team, working side by side with the retailer’s senior leadership team throughout, created a consistency in approach by always asking the right questions. With a constant focus on digital insights, together with our eye for detail at each stage of the project, we were able to develop a solution that improved the long-term value of the data captured and reported against.