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Mobile Data Capture

A clear understanding of your estate, assets and projects is essential for determining how best to manage them. This starts with the capture and real-time management of accurate information to provide a holistic view and confidence in data quality, allowing for informed decision-making at every stage. Our team of experts takes a personal approach to help you identify key stakeholders, understand the data required to achieve your objectives, create a roadmap and deliver a best-in-class solution.

Work faster and smarter

Understanding the value of data is a key enabler of successful outcomes. We are adopting new technology and techniques to work faster and smarter to deliver projects with greater data certainty and transparency, providing the insights you need to help you make more informed decisions, more quickly.

Capture the right data

Whether through the design and development of six-facet surveys or snagging and completion, our data experts are committed to providing effective data capture and reporting solutions to achieve your desired outcomes. At the outset of every project, our team develops a thorough understanding of the objectives, processes, existing challenges and reporting requirements to ensure the solutions we provide are fit for purpose.

Harness data to make better decisions

Better data leads to better decisions. We hold vast construction technology experience and skills to enable us to understand, document and implement functional requirements, allowing for the creation of accurate, relevant and accessible data capture and reporting solutions for your needs. Our expertise in flexible and dynamic solutions means we can become your trusted advisers, supporting you on your digital transformation journey.

Deliver bespoke, flexible solutions

The right solution for you will not always be a rigid ‘out of the box’ solution from a software-only provider. This is where we are different. With our industry experience combined with our digital and data expertise, we can deliver bespoke, flexible solutions to organisations, in both the public and private sectors, which are designed to meet their individual needs.

Value & Impact

How we’ve helped others meet their challenges



Award-winning digital solution

Danske Bank UK, a leading bank in Northern Ireland and a growing bank in Great Britain, has been helping people and businesses thrive for more than 200 years. We developed an award-winning digital solution which has transformed the bank’s asset optimisation and budget management processes, allowing it to manage projects better and make informed decisions on capital and maintenance spending.

“The transformation has been phenomenal since 2022 from an analogue approach to a digital approach. Embracing new processes, technology and expanding our team by drawing in expert knowledge. Thank you to the RLB Digital team for their help, especially when we talk ourselves around in circles!”





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