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Project & Programme Management

Design Management

Good design management aligns designs with corporate and financial objectives and enables design teams to concentrate on their core services. This is the essence of our approach, which combines robust management techniques with design teams that are aligned to a clear brief. Our support will give you assurance that your designs and construction are future-proof, while our experts will take care of your programme of deliverables and contractual obligations. We understand the complexities and intricacies of design management and what is required to deliver successful projects from design to execution.

Improve design team management

A requisite of project success is effective coordination and management of the design team to define the design in a manner that allows a contractor to build the building and define any final elements with its own subcontractors. Our design management experts will enable you to integrate design, procurement, on-site logistics and other considerations in balance with construction requirements.

Strengthen collaboration on projects

Design integration meetings provide designers with the opportunity to collaborate with other designers, stakeholders and all other disciplines that are involved in their project to achieve the best outcomes. RLB experts act as the intermediary between designers and contractors to ensure that the design is effectively translated into construction, contributing to a successful handover of the project.

Control the design process

Robust control over the design process will avoid redesign, on-site retrofits and compromises, all of which can incur cost premiums and impact schedules. Our experts can help you maintain a rigorous level of quality control on your projects through our design management procedures. We can implement regular structured reviews, validate plans, manage interfaces, conduct design reviews and manage acceptance processes.

Monitor quality and progress

Maintaining a clear understanding of a project’s quality and progress facilitates the tracking of any issues and the reporting of them for further learning in the future. With our expertise in reviewing and validating inspections and commissioning, we can provide the support needed to ensure your project has a smooth handover and closeout.

Value & Impact

How we’ve helped others meet their challenges



Multidisciplinary excellence: building a better Sheffield as strategic delivery partner

RLB has been appointed as the Strategic Delivery Partner for Sheffield City Council. This partnership has been established to support Sheffield City Council's Capital Delivery Service and manage the council's growing portfolio of projects.

“Despite the complexity of the challenges we have faced, RLB has managed to solve many challenges by making themselves readily available to us. Having demonstrated high levels of competence within the sector, their approach is to lead all design-related issues, stakeholder management, and embed themselves in the client team's process and procedure with an exceptional level of professionalism and tenacity by managing all design related issues, managing stakeholders, and embedding themselves within the organisation’s processes and procedures.”



Project & Programme Success


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Nikki Venetsanakis (De Jager)