RLB in Hong Kong introduces QS profession to secondary school students

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  • RLB in Hong Kong introduces QS profession to secondary school students
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Tiffany Chan


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To enhance our young generation’s understanding of the corporate world, Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce has been organising the Business-School Partnership Programme since 2001. RLB in Hong Kong joined the programme for the first time and got paired up with Lung Cheung Government School this year.

In the morning of 26 March, Director Tiffany Chan representing RLB delivered an online talk to 70 secondary school students. Through live webcast, the students sat quietly in the school hall and listened attentively to the presentation.

Ms. Chan delivered the talk from the perspective of secondary school students. She introduced our Company and the QS profession in a simple way which allowed the students to have an understanding of the profession. We hope the sharing can plant the seeds of knowledge in their hearts and helps them learn more about our profession and plan for their future career.

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