New Dyson global HQ to invest in Singapore

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  • New Dyson global HQ to invest in Singapore
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Dyson announced during the ceremonial opening of its new global headquarters at St James Power Station on Friday that it will invest S$1.5 billion in its Singapore operations over the next four years and intends to hire more than 250 engineers and scientists across robotics, machine learning and other areas.

Dyson has designed St James Power Station to fulfil International WELL Building Gold and Green Mark Platinum standards to convert a former power plant into a sustainable global headquarters.

The national monument was created with careful engineering and a focus on technology to improve the well-being of its people and promote teamwork.

It was also designed to use minimal embodied carbon harnessing the use of sustainable, recycled and environmentally friendly materials. This includes features such as carbon-neutral flooring and sustainable acoustic engineering.

RLB has set a global practice commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2030 and we collaborate with our industry to reduce our collective environmental impact.

We are proud to be the quantity surveyor for this project.

Open Source: Dyson’s new global headquarters lights up the iconic St James Power Station