Six Facet Survey, London, United Kingdom

Client: London North West Healthcare NHS Trust

Services: Building Surveying


RLB was appointed as Lead Consultant to complete a six-facet survey for the London North West Healthcare NHS Trust.

This supported a wider estate strategy, and formed part of an on-going estate strategy review and improvement plan, worth about £72 million.

Meticulous planning was needed to understand the infrastructure and estate risks associated with the survey.

RLB managed interfaces with various departments within the trust. This was to ensure that the works were coordinated and that there was regular communication between stakeholders and the estate strategy review design team.

The Details

The six facets that were assessed and ranked were; Physical Condition, Functional Suitability, Space Utilisation, Quality, Statutory Compliance, and Environmental Management.

The data enabled an assessment of the existing building stock to identify where facilities fell below the required benchmark, and whether the current building stock was ‘fit for purpose’.

RLB then developed a bespoke data-capturing program to assist in the taking and processing of data.