5 things we learnt at: MIPIM 2017

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With a mountain of business cards demanding attention on our desks, and sand continuing to show up in surprising  places, we take a look back at a whirlwind week in the South of France and suggest 5 things to bear in mind come 2018…

Have a real objective

Yes, it’s four days in the sun in a beautiful part of France, but that’s not why anyone should go. Be really clear why you are there, how much it is costing both in cash and down time from the business, and then do a cost benefit analysis – what do I have to achieve from MIPIM to justify the investment?

It’s full steam ahead for the Midlands Engine

The Midlands pavilion provided a fantastic opportunity to showcase the Government’s £17 billion investment in the Midlands and highlighted projects and investment sites to a huge international audience. It was great to see collaboration between Midlands businesses – even competitors.

Preparation, preparation, preparation.

Booking flights and accommodation well in advance will make your MIPIM experience considerably easier (not to mention cheaper!). It also means you can be more considered with who you want to meet, while making sure they still have space in their diaries.

Comfort is key, but dress to impress

Walking 10.5 miles each day (and that’s just around the conference) can be hard work – but you’ll quickly notice you’re surrounded by 20,000 people who all look exactly the same, almost irrespective of age, gender or ethnicity. Blue suits were definitely de rigueur, so maybe push the sartorial envelope a little to ensure you stand out.

Quality > quantity

It’s all too easy to head out to Cannes with a bulging diary and no plan around what you hope to get out of it. Rather than a scattergun approach that will see you accepting every invite that comes your way, do some research and target those quality connections that could provide real benefit down the line.