Construction Innovation Hub’s Value Toolkit is launched

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  • Construction Innovation Hub’s Value Toolkit is launched
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“Recovery must be about delivering better, not just more of the same.” This is the clear message being communicated by the Construction Innovation Hub (CIH) at the launch of its Value Toolkit yesterday – something close to ours and our Global Board Director, Ann Bentley’s heart at RLB UK.

The launch that aims “to drive better social, environmental and economic outcomes through value-based decision-makingcomes at a time when the industry enters a new era – one post lockdown – where it can take the opportunity to act differently and create new ways of working.  The Value Toolkit is part of a longer-term strategy that started at the Construction Deal back in 2017, includes RLB’s Global Board and CLC member, Ann Bentley’s ‘Procuring for Value’ report and is integrated in the CLC’s recent Roadmap to Recovery strategy.  As well as chairing the Value Definition group as part of the governance structure of the value toolkit, RLB’s Rebecca Cutts has been seconded to the Market Response group within the project.

Andrew Reynolds, Chief Executive of RLB UK comments,

At RLB we have been supporting the development of this work bringing our experience of helping clients to understand value, and working with them to measure and embed it into their projects.  The CIH Value Toolkit will be a real gamechanger for our industry in being able to identify and assess value and more importantly show how we can learn from projects to create defined client in future projects. We are incredibly proud at RLB to have supported the work that Ann Bentley and colleagues have led with the industry as part of this ground-breaking approach.

For more information about the Value Toolkit, click here.