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Roger Hogg


Roger Hogg


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Just published is the Q2 2024 edition of Construction Market Intelligence, RLB’s digital publication incorporating our quarterly tender price forecast. 

As always, our aim is to provide the data, insights and analysis that will enable readers to fully understand what is happening, and what is likely to happen, in construction around the UK. 

This quarter we report that the easing of tender price uplifts is continuing, as we reported last quarter, alongside the need among contractors and subcontractors for replacement workload. Meanwhile, supply chain costs are becoming baked into the input cost environment, further tightening margins. Concerns over geopolitical issues remain, with no resolution in sight, although marginal cost imposts on materials coming to the UK around the Cape of Good Hope are already mostly part of the new normal. 

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Roger Hogg
Roger Hogg

UK Research and Development Manager