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During the pandemic, the UK infrastructure pipeline has shown both resilience and adaptability. Keeping major initiatives and projects on track has been an industry priority and we are now faced with the challenge of delivering innovative new ideas to ensure 2022 will be a rewarding year. 

2020-21 was a turbulent period of adjusting forecasts, rising construction costs due to inflation, supply chain disruption and persistent labour shortages; what steps must we take to continue to deliver the country’s infrastructure needs?

Bold actions, committed plans, digital technologies, and long-term funding are needed to ensure the infrastructure pipeline remains strong and steady in 2022. It is equally important that we work in close collaboration with our customers to understand their issues and opportunities which in turn will help drive innovation and industry improvement. 

We need to consider our ever-expanding population, embrace sustainable construction and renewable infrastructure, and improve productivity in our delivery. We must ensure that regions are not held back due to a lack of infrastructure investment which means that increased revenue-raising powers should be devolved to local and regional government. The industry needs to manage how to deliver to cost and timeframe, given the ongoing uncertainty as to out-turn cost set against fixed-price commitments.   

RLB is pleased to be involved in a growing number of key infrastructure projects that will help drive the economy and improve the UK’s social and physical infrastructure. Our work with Coventry and Dudley on Very Light Rail, with National Highways on the A27 & A31 and East West Rail is helping to improve urban mobility, reduce traffic congestion and connect communities.

As we look to the future, December is also a time for reflection and thanks to our clients for a successful year. We look forward to future collaboration in 2022 and are ready to meet the challenges and opportunities that come our way.


Andy Stamps
Andy Stamps

Partner - National Head of Infrastructure