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Enabling clients to deliver faster, better, greener projects

Many projects fail to realise their intended value. Even for projects that are delivered on time and on budget, the anticipated benefits do not always materialise. The reasons are diverse:

  • Inconsistencies in approach
  • Lack of alignment in decision-making
  • A narrow focus on controlling cost and transferring risk as early as possible

Both government and industry know we need a different approach. One that targets value and whole-life performance.

  • The Construction Playbook, produced through a huge collaborative effort between government and the construction industry, gives us a template from which we can test and improve quality and value, ensure safety and relevance, minimise the environmental impact and maximise the positive social impact of construction
  • The Playbook is more than just a guide – but a statement of Government policy that will be implemented on publicly funded projects on a ‘comply or explain’ basis. It brings together a clear policy framework and practical guidance to enable clients to deliver on the expectations of their business cases.
  • The policy emphasises the importance of quality and concludes that paying more for higher quality may be justified if the whole life cost is advantageous.
  • Clients, therefore, must be able to determine whether increased benefits justify higher costs – which amplifies the importance of the Construction Innovation Hub’s Value Toolkit to give a consistent framework for assessment.

In this guide, we aim to provide guidance to clients, organisations and Senior Responsible Officers (SROs) looking to secure government funding for public sector projects. In the current constrained funding environment understanding the requirements is more important than ever.

If you would like to receive the full guide, please email constructionplaybook@uk.rlb.com