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Matthew Brooker


Matthew Brooker


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‘Where people meet places’ is the focus of this year’s BCO Conference, which is being held in Copenhagen, a city known as ‘the happiest city in the world’, in part due to its work-life balance model.

We are delighted to be a silver sponsor for this year’s event, and our team looks forward to sharing RLB’s emphasis in work-life balance and discussing the emerging trends and opportunities for office development and future workspaces.

Our team

We’d be delighted to meet you at BCO 2019, please do get in touch:

Matthew Brooker
Head of Commercial Sector
Andy Levy
Partner, London Project Management
Sam Bensky
Partner, Manchester
Paul Lonergan
Partner, London Commercial Sector
Tim Spencer
Partner, London Commercial Fit Out
Heather Evans
Head of Sustainability and NextGen
Andrew Fettes Brown
Partner, London Head of Cost Management
Tom Giddings
Manchester, NextGen
Paul Beeston
Partner, Birmingham


Matthew Brooker
Matthew Brooker

Partner - National Head of Commercial