Located in Ghent, RLB’s Euro Alliance partner in Belgium is Bopro NV.

Established over thirty years ago, Bopro has become a renowned company specialising in management & consultancy services and sustainable developments in real estate, construction and housing in Belgium and abroad.

Their whole-of-life approach covers all aspects, from the investment decision and subsequent development to the actual utilisation, in both the private and public market.

This multifunctional and talent-driven organisation is underpinned by strong competency management and ongoing knowledge exchange, in order to guarantee a total service that is innovative and of the highest quality.

Since 2019, together with Advisers, Common Ground and LTFc (Steven Beckers), their aim is to maximise value, striving for the optimal balance between economic, social and ecological aspects. Bopro is active in the real estate and construction sectors and acts for end users, authorities, care institutions, investors, promotors and developers.

Key projects include Blue Gate- the first eco-effective water-bound business park in Antwerp, deStip in Ghent, and the renovation of Handelsbeurs.


William Carr-Miles
William Carr-Miles

Partner – Head of Operations, Europe


Bopro, Oude Houtlei 140,
9000 Ghent

Local time