Olympic Games Paris Lot 8 &11

Bringing together committees for the Olympics and Paralympics villages



Between both lots works include the trocadero stands, catering analysis, the P2024 support for the Aqua centre, warm up pool estimate and the overlay in the Lamotte Beuvron equestrian site.

Lot 8

Lot 8 works included a tender analyse on technical buildings. The Aqua centre is intended to be re-used after the Olympic, therefore construction planning covered two specifications:

  • temporary Aqua centre to serve Olympics
  • permanent Aqua centre to serve wider public.

Analysis are provided to ensure that the technical characteristics of the building correspond to the needs of the Olympic games.

Lot 11

In order to minimise the unneeded build only for the Paris 2024 Olympics games, the event is favouring the re-use of existing infrastructure as well as some temporary installations that will be dismantled after the Olympics games.

RLB|SQA provided technical and financial assistance for primary buildings and cost estimations for temporary installations.

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    COJO Paris 2024
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    Commercial Success, Built Asset Consultancy
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    Paris, France