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Cost Benchmarking

Robust, customised benchmarking solutions will improve the accuracy of cost predictions. We provide bespoke solutions by investing time to understand your specific requirements and staying focused on your goals. Our expert approach to cost benchmarking and our independent advice ensures we can deliver better outcomes for your projects and portfolio. We will equip you with the information you need to make the right decisions at each stage throughout the project life cycle.

Increase assurance on project costs

Looking for better cost assurance on projects? To aid the assurance requirements of the estimates and cost plans we prepare, we not only benchmark at project level but also conduct elemental top-down and bottom-up benchmarking. In this way, we give greater assurance and confidence by triangulating a cost range of the various benchmark sources of elemental and total project costs.

Make accurate cost predictions

Cost benchmarking provides a detailed range of projected cost outcomes for particular design solutions, taking into account forecasts of upcoming market conditions and the experience of previous projects. Our benchmarking process brings together actual costed projects and enables your design team to model the costings of new projects against the background of similar, previously designed solutions.

Gain new insights on cost ranges

Benchmarking typically produces a range of cost outcomes for any selected design or designed entity, given the commonality of projects within the benchmark reference set of projects. This range shows not only the low, high, average and median costs, but also the spread of costs, which informs risk analysis. Our experts will make sure you gain the insights you need.

Understand cost distribution better

Benchmarking allows you to interpret how cost is distributed through the building elements for a particular type of building. For upcoming projects, this means you can make sure elements are funded appropriately and not over or underfunded. Our data and analysis will give you this assurance and enable you to make more informed decisions.

Cost Management & Quantity Surveying


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