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Cost Planning

The key to controlling costs for any project is developing a robust elemental cost plan to serve as the single source of truth for all cost management. This should be developed collaboratively through the involvement of the entire project team to ensure ownership of the overall budget. A signed-off cost plan supports proactive cost-checking during the design development process, alternative cost analyses, value engineering and risk management. We can develop a cost plan that delivers these benefits for you.

Use cost modelling to find the best option

A clear picture based on accurate cost data is key to making better, more informed decisions to assess a project’s feasibility and value. Our dynamic cost benchmarking data and advanced cost modelling can help you to review alternative design options, explore ‘what if’ scenarios, and identify the most cost-effective approach.

Explore options and challenge assumptions

To optimise costs and value, you need experts who are always looking for a better solution. By integrating value and cost management, RLB has developed a powerful and dynamic approach that can help you explore different options and challenge design assumptions. Our specialist MEP cost managers add value by providing detailed cost advice in relation to MEP services and, where appropriate, are able to challenge designs.

Unlock the benefits of BIM

Building information modelling (BIM) has an important role in preparation of cost planning. By leveraging BIM software, we are able to extract quantities from the BIM model, resulting in high-quality data that can be seamlessly integrated into our data warehouse alongside real-life cost data. This integration allows us to generate accurate estimates and create comprehensive cost budgets for your projects by effectively harnessing the BIM information stored in our data warehouse.

Cost Management & Quantity Surveying


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