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Cost Management & Quantity Surveying


Selecting the correct procurement strategy for a particular project is key to commercial success. Based on the client’s principal objectives in relation to cost certainty, quality of design, workmanship and programme, we undertake a review of these objectives and provide recommendations in relation to the optimal procurement strategy that best achieves these objectives.

Improve supplier engagement

A crucial step in procurement is the engagement of contractors and suppliers. Based on the scope, content, complexity and need for specialist knowledge and innovation, we can determine the most appropriate contractors or suppliers for your project. We undertake market engagement and supplier pre-qualification to give rigour to the process. Our strategies will identify possibilities for early contractor involvement and longer-term contracting.

Enhance your tender analysis

We play an important role at the tendering stage to ensure the project is procured with integrity through advising on the most appropriate procurement and contract strategies. We will draft contract clauses to suit the special circumstances of your project, and to promote fair and equitable allocation of risks and a partnering relationship between the contracting parties. In addition, we will obtain competitive prices from selected contractors by tendering, using bills of quantities, or by adaptation of this system to suit the particular requirements of your project time constraints.

Adopt bills of quantities

In order to provide uniformity of contractors’ pricing and to promote reasonable contract pricing, bills of quantities are adopted for tendering purposes.

Bills of quantities translate the design team’s drawings and specifications / BIM models into a quantitative document that is prepared in accordance with the rules of the Standard Method of Measurement. Issued to each contractor for pricing purposes, it enables each tenderer to estimate his price on exactly the same basis as his competitors for the project.

We leverage BIM software to extract quantities from the model, which significantly reducing physical measuring time and eliminate errors, while enabling real-time cost advice through a “live-link” with cost-geometry.

We develop a range of dynamo programming scripts and integrate a suite of innovative and intelligent digital applications, such as Revit API applications, A.I. and power BI, to facilitate our QTO process. These solutions address interoperability and software limitation problems. Our approach allows us to retrieve specific technical parameters based on our method of measurement and adapt to various architectural and engineering firms’ modelling approaches. This efficient and effective process significantly improves quality control, enabling us to deliver high-quality consultancy services to you.

Upon award of a contract, the bills of quantities become a part of the construction contract that is a highly useful document for cost control purposes. It can be used as a basis for interim payment valuations, valuation of variations, settlement of the final account, etc. The document also provides a contractual basis for the contracting parties in case a contractual dispute arises during the course of a project.

Bills of quantities can be adapted for use for different types of contracts, such as lump-sum contracts, management contracts and fast-track contracts.

Cost Management & Quantity Surveying


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