EMEA Hotels Monitor – Issue 32

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Paul Beeston


Paul Beeston


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The EMEA Hotels Monitor, a collaborative effort by Whitebridge Hospitality, RLB, and HOTSTATS, delves into an in-depth examination of trends in the European hotel sector. This comprehensive analysis focuses on various aspects, including performance metrics, cost dynamics, and transaction insights.

In the first half of 2023, as the world continues to unveil unexpected twists, this year has not been short of surprises. Inflation soared to unprecedented heights, accompanied by a subsequent rise in interest rates. Ongoing uncertainties stemming from the situation in Ukraine cast ripples globally. Navigating these challenges while financing deals is becoming an uphill battle, and has inevitably led to a notable deceleration in transaction volumes.

In this edition, RLB shines a spotlight on an essential and forward-looking topic: Using CRREM (Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor) to prevent your hotel becoming a stranded asset (these are assets that are no longer attractive for sale, lease or operation due to carbon and energy performance). As the world increasingly emphasises ESG (environmental, social, and governance responsibilities), hoteliers need to be ahead of the curve.


Paul Beeston
Paul Beeston

Partner – Head of Industry and Service Insight