RLB Tender Price Forecast UK – Q4 2022

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Roger Hogg


Roger Hogg


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Although construction markets around the country continue to operate at a high level relative to their capacity, there are concerns in some regions as to the replacement of workload as projects reach completion.

Over the market as a whole, procuring projects against the backdrop of considerable market volatility including fuel, energy and materials price rises, labour shortages and pressure to reflect cost of living increases, continues to be a major challenge.

In our TPF Q4, RLB once again provides a spread of possible outcomes for forecast Tender Price uplifts in each location, for 2022 to 2025. The continuing uncertainty in the market remains the backdrop for this approach, which will be re-assessed in the new year as further global and local economic developments take shape.

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Roger Hogg
Roger Hogg

UK Research and Development Manager