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Heather Evans


Heather Evans


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Sustainability is a complex field, with many definitions and acronyms, and the aim of this glossary is to help clients and colleagues and wider industry contacts improve their knowledge in this field and use clear and consistent terminology.

The glossary, which will be updated regularly, is reflective of all the markets we operate in around the world.

In this document, you will also learn how RLB is building sustainability to be a core offering across all the industry sectors we serve, supporting clients to achieve more sustainable outcomes through their projects. At asset, organisational and community levels, our specialists are here to help you:

• Meet your ESG objectives

• Keep your estate on the path to net zero

• Deliver sustainable business solutions

• Create social value that you can count

With our in-depth expertise and comprehensive range of services, we can guide you on your sustainability journey.

Heather Evans Head of Sustainability Services UK & Europe, Global Chair Sustainability Services Committee

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Heather Evans
Heather Evans

Partner – National Head of Sustainability