RLB Brings Collaborators Together to Offer Innovative Radiotherapy Treatment

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  • RLB Brings Collaborators Together to Offer Innovative Radiotherapy Treatment
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RLB UK has collaborated with two leading healthcare providers, RAD Technology Medical Systems and Vanguard Healthcare Solutions to bring mobile radiotherapy to Europe.

In the first of its kind, the three partners have worked together to pilot a ground breaking service that will allow truly mobile radiotherapy treatment to support both public and private providers.  With the aim to support a growing need within oncology, the mobile unit will be able to be transported to any site, whether a NHS estate or within a private provision, with patients able to access the service as an alternative or additional solution.  As part of this innovation, RLB UK will provide cost management and project management to each project.

We recognised a need in healthcare estates – both in the UK and globally for additional radiotherapy resources. With many NHS estates needing extra capacity to meet increased demand or during renovation of estates the mobile unit is agile, flexible and a cost effective solution to a long term issue.

RAD President, John Lefkus continues, “We are really excited about this collaboration that RLB initiated. The different skill sets and experience that all three partners in this collaboration – RAD, Vanguard and RLB – offer means that we can propose a service to current healthcare organisations that will maintain patient flow and deliver the highest quality care with continuity.”