Data Centre Infrastructure Programme

Unlocking Africa’s digital transformation



RLB, acting as project, programme and schedule manager, oversaw the development of nine groundbreaking data centre projects across Africa, ranging from 0.5MW to 30MW in capacity. Each project presented its own unique challenges, both in the pre-construction and construction phases. We established robust processes and procedures to steer the programme effectively and efficiently, contributing to the advancement of Africa’s digital infrastructure.

In our multidisciplinary role, we provided a range of services including schedule standardisation, coordination of external consultants, baseline management and reporting, and critical path and float oversight. We conducted thorough delay and change analyses throughout while our comprehensive tender analysis process was key to the selection of general contractors.

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Transforming the digital landscape

Our client’s visionary projects, guided by RLB’s experience and expertise, have not only positioned the African region as a hub for cutting-edge data centres, but have also sparked innovation and growth opportunities. Digital transformation will bring social and economic benefits to communities and promises to revolutionise the way businesses operate in Africa.

“The RLB team was exceptional. Their commitment to excellence, innovative thinking and precise execution served as the driving force behind the programme’s success.”
Confidential client

RLB embraced the opportunity to be an integral part of this transformative programme. Our decision stemmed from a shared commitment to innovation and a desire to be at the forefront of groundbreaking developments in the data centre industry.

High performance and innovation

Our commitment to flawless execution set a high standard for performance and played a pivotal role in the programme’s success. When confronted with scheduling complexities, we devised innovative solutions that streamlined processes and ensured project timelines were met. Our rigorous delay and change analyses yielded crucial insights, enabling the project to adapt effectively when needed. We consistently challenged conventional thinking.

Leaving a lasting legacy

RLB’s impact extends beyond innovation and insight; it’s about tangible benefits delivered and those yet to come, adding value to the programme and leaving a lasting legacy. We coached local teams to meet UK project management standards and methodically evaluated general contractors, ensuring competence, realistic cost commitments and programme adherence. We optimised power provision to sites and facilitated the procurement of owner furnished contractor installed equipment.