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Business Analysis & Consultancy

RLB’s digital solutions are developed and deployed based on understanding and defining your business needs, ensuring they create added value and deliver the outcomes you desire. Our experts will work closely with your teams, conducting detailed investigations and analysis to identify problems and opportunities. By developing business cases, defining requirements, improving processes and managing change deployment, we will maintain traceability and realise the maximum benefits for your business.

Make decisions based on robust data

Understanding the true problem or opportunity is essential for ensuring solutions are feasible and provide the benefits you seek. Our team will work with you to identify the root causes of problems, uncover opportunities and evaluate possible solutions. We will develop a business case which allows for a comprehensive analysis of feasibility, costs and benefits, enabling you to make informed decisions based on robust data.

Integrate new solutions smoothly

A complex business environment requires you to integrate any new solution with your people, processes and existing IT infrastructure. By working closely with your teams, we can elicit and define requirements, model, prioritise, and perform traceability. During the analysis and definition of processes, gap analysis is performed, and alignment between business processes and systems is ensured.

Implement change quickly and efficiently

A successful deployment of new digital solutions requires user acceptance and change deployment to be scoped and executed. Through user acceptance testing, we can assist you in assessing business readiness, support transition planning, and provide training so that your new solution is implemented quickly and efficiently.

Value & Impact

How we’ve helped others meet their challenges



Bespoke solution improves data capture

A leading national retailer required a fit-for-the-future surveying engine to drive its estate-wide capital investment programme, improve efficiency and help to de-risk its large property portfolio. RLB Digital was appointed to design and develop a fully-customised building condition surveying solution to meet these objectives.

“The processes we follow are tailored specifically to what our people need to do to successfully achieve our objectives, yet all too often we don’t embed solutions that align with these. Getting to the real crux of understanding who, when, what, where, how and why guides you to make informed decisions about your technical solutions and understand your gaps and risks.”





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