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Procurement of Digital

Software selection can be challenging, and it is often the case that those making the decisions do not have a clear understanding of what the consumer’s needs are. When making decisions, how do you ensure that they are the right ones? As part of our commitment to ensuring people are equipped with the best tools to perform their jobs, we recognise that different factors influence business decisions. We serve as an interpreter between parties, helping you determine what is best for your organisation and your teams.

Keep your plans on track

There is always some degree of configuration and set-up associated with the purchase of any digital or technical item. The more complex the item is, the greater the potential risk to its quick and efficient implementation, which can dramatically affect schedules. The team at RLB Digital has a wealth of experience that you can draw on to help keep your plans on track.

Take consumers with you

Getting things right for the people who use a new product is crucial to the success of its implementation. This requires the close involvement of end users throughout the entire process. For all types of digital products, RLB Digital has extensive experience of working with consumers and stakeholders, using their feedback to shape the right solution.

Plan for a different future

As the digital world continues to change rapidly, we must ensure what we do now is also suitable for the future. Technology is simply a facilitator, and you need clear guidelines as to what it is supposed to accomplish. Our experts will examine your use cases in detail to make sure that you have clear requirements for today and tomorrow, helping you to develop solutions which are effective for longer.

Adapt to changing priorities

It is inevitable that as time passes, your priorities and needs will change, as will external factors that may influence your decisions. What’s right today may not be tomorrow, and acting on this is imperative to long-term success. By sharing our industry knowledge and equipping you with the necessary resources, we can assist you in easily adapting your criteria for decision-making in response to changing priorities.

Value & Impact

How we’ve helped others meet their challenges



Bespoke solution improves data capture

A leading national retailer required a fit-for-the-future surveying engine to drive its estate-wide capital investment programme, improve efficiency and help to de-risk its large property portfolio. RLB Digital was appointed to design and develop a fully-customised building condition surveying solution to meet these objectives.

“There are so many choices when it comes to software. It is hard not to find something that looks beautiful and exciting and want it, without considering whether it meets your requirements and how easy it is to use, adapt, and embed. Spending time upfront to identify what you need will facilitate the decision-making process, allowing for objective reviews and giving you the best possible results.”





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