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We live in a world in which information is integral to every aspect of our lives. In the construction industry, there are countless stakeholders, participants and consumers who need to receive the right information at the right time to make more informed and better decisions. Our experts possess extensive best-practice and leading-edge knowledge of how to specify, procure, deliver, assure, store, present and exploit information, with open standards at the heart of our approach. Applying better information management processes will ensure that information is robust, reliable and reusable for the long term.

Specify and procure

It is critical that clear purposes for why information is needed are established from the outset, to allow detailed information requirements to be developed that will provide clarity to the supply chain required to deliver them. Spending time getting information requirements right at the beginning will ensure that prospective suppliers are clear about exactly what is required and can tailor their responses and delivery processes accordingly. This process ensures that information waste is removed, reducing risk and cost, and providing greater certainty that you will receive exactly the information you asked for.

Deliver and assure

We can support teams with the planning and management of information, against often very complex information requirements, to ensure it is delivered efficiently and effectively. This delivery process also includes automated assurance processes to ensure all information from the outset is delivered exactly in accordance with the specification.

Store and present

We can support you to store, retrieve and approve information securely, either by providing our own technology solution or by helping you configure or procure your own solution. Once information is made available by information authors, we can help present your information in clear and concise dashboards and reports, allowing you to make better informed decisions.

Exploit the value

Looking after information can be complex, but it doesn't have to be. It all comes down to how information is made available to consumers to enable you to exploit the value of information. Information should be easy to access and engaging, giving consumers a relatable experience that is fun and rewarding. This is why we consider the needs of end users are critical when designing any solutions, making seamless connections between different software essential.

Value & Impact

How we’ve helped others meet their challenges



Award-winning digital solution

Danske Bank UK, a leading bank in Northern Ireland and a growing bank in Great Britain, has been helping people and businesses thrive for more than 200 years. We developed an award-winning digital solution which has transformed the bank’s asset optimisation and budget management processes, allowing it to manage projects better and make informed decisions on capital and maintenance spending.

“The management of information affects almost every aspect of our lives, from individual decision-making to business success and societal development. Through the adoption of best practices, we are able to harness the potential of data in order to make our lives, organisations, and society better.”





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Rob Jackson
Rob Jackson

Head of Information Management Services