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The 2024 edition of RLB’s annual Procurement Trends survey, ‘Investing in Your Supply Chain’, aims to give you the data, insights and analysis you need to understand what is changing in procurement within the UK construction industry. 

To compile this report, now in its fifth year, we surveyed contractors across the supply chain, covering a range of sectors and project types to build an accurate and detailed picture of the current procurement landscape. 

Our survey reveals how procurement practices are continuing to evolve in response to volatile market conditions. Among the key findings: 

  • 54% of contractors have seen an increased use of collaborative working during procurement in the past 12 months 
  • 8% increase in the use of two-stage tendering, and a 6% reduction in negotiated projects 
  • 67% of projects use design and build forms of contract, the highest proportion since the start of our survey 
  • 87% of contractors report that the greatest issue they face in the next 12 months is robustness of their supply chains 

We also look at green procurement practices, the impacts the Building Safety Act is having on procurement, in particular in relation to higher-risk buildings, and the potential impacts of the forthcoming Procurement Act. 

You can read the full report here.

Download PDF report here


Paul Beeston
Paul Beeston

Partner – Head of Industry and Service Insight