EMEA Hotels Monitor – Issue 33

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The EMEA Hotels Monitor, is a collaborative report by Whitebridge Hospitality, RLB, and HOTSTATS, that delivers strategic insights into the European hotel market.

This report, which is released twice-a-year, provides an in-depth analysis of performance indicators, cost dynamics, and transaction trends, offering valuable data for investors, developers, and industry professionals.

While 2023 presented continued financial difficulties stemming from the previous year, additional challenges arose in the latter half, including regional conflict within the EMEA region. This uncertainty, alongside other factors, impacted deal-making and new developments in many countries. However, a bright spot emerged, as most markets witnessed continued growth in both revenue and profit in the hotel sector.

Despite the global challenges, Cairo emerged as a standout performer, experiencing significant increases in both revenue and profit. Construction costs across all markets, however, remained high, even with a decrease in project pipelines. Deal-making activity witnessed a slowdown, attributed to both the cautious market environment and a reluctance to share information publicly.

With a politically charged year ahead, the future of the hotel sector by January 2025 remains uncertain. Yet, despite the ongoing challenges, signs of growth in some markets offer a glimmer of hope.

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Paul Beeston
Paul Beeston

Partner – Head of Industry and Service Insight