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Viv Todhunter


Viv Todhunter


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RLB UK has for the first time published a report that records its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance.

Improving our ESG performance is core to our strategy to be a sustainable global business and the market leader in sustainability services for the built environment sector.

We are also reporting more distinctly on our governance structure, compliance standards and business ethics.

This report sets out the progress we have made within the UK over the past 12 months towards our targets and shows how we are:

  • Actively reducing our own impact on the environment on our path to reach net zero globally by 2030 and helping our clients to deliver sustainable outcomes.
  • Investing in our people to build a diverse and inclusive workforce, and fulfilling our commitment as a responsible business to give back to local communities.
  • Reporting openly and honestly to demonstrate compliance and our progress against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

By improving the sustainability of our own operations and those of our clients, and by influencing the wider industry, we are living up to our vision to create a better tomorrow.

Read the full report here.


Viv Todhunter
Viv Todhunter

Partner - Compliance & Business Improvement