RLB lights up Piccadilly Circus with Landsec flagship project, Lucent

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  • RLB lights up Piccadilly Circus with Landsec flagship project, Lucent
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Craig Bowie


Craig Bowie


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The RLB team has been helping global leading real estate company, Landsec light up Piccadilly Circus by providing them with Cost Management services for its flagship project, Lucent.

In 2012, leading property company, Landsec commissioned the design for redevelopment of the island site behind the lights at Piccadilly Circus to create an award-winning design of brand new mixed-use space to accommodate residential, roof top restaurant space, commercial and retail space. Incorporating 144,000 sq.ft, over seven storeys as well as the excavation of a three storey basement. In 2017 the new 784 sq.m 1.4 x 4k full motion digital screen was unveiled, with the demolition of the site following in 2019 and practical completion in Q4 2023 of this iconic building.

Lucent, W1 is one of the most iconic sites in London, located in the most vibrant of areas in the UK’s capital city, Piccadilly Circus, where nearly 200 million people pass through every year. It also hosts one of the most famous advertising billboards in the world, Piccadilly Lights, that is the largest single digital screen in Europe. The project was ambitious and prodigious in its scope with two million hours of construction work onsite. Working within one of the few traffic islands within London, and one of the busiest, the challenge was to take down the existing structure, brick-by-brick and transport it off-site to be rebuilt. A challenging feature of engineering and logistics within a normal project, Piccadilly Circus is estimated to have over 200 million visitors pass through it yearly and the iconic lights and existing shop units were to remain in situ and operational.

There was also the need to be respectful of the heritage aspect of the project, retain the iconic façade, but incorporate new state of the art elements like the open plan workspace and residential aspects. The project also had a sustainable footprint with out of 1400 tonnes of waste produced, 99% was diverted from landfill and recycled. Including the active recycling, Lucent also has the following:

  • Bivalent ASHP system
  • On-demand ventilation providing optimal indoor air quality and energy saving
  • WELL pre-certified
  • NABERS 4.5 star
  • 23% reduction in emissions in comparison to Part L.

With the above the building achieved a BREEAM Outstanding assessment. 

“Craig and his team were a constant on the development, really understanding what we were trying to achieve, adapting to the often-challenging circumstances and being integral in the success of this eminent building.” 

Jess White, Senior Development Manager, Landsec

Craig Bowie, RLB Associate Commercial Lead continues,

“It was such a privilege to work on such an iconic site for six years and be part of a team that saw the façade taken down brick-by-brick, rebuilt and reinstated. One of the most amazing parts of working in the construction industry is walking around cities and seeing these amazing buildings that will stand the test of time for future generations and knowing you had a part to play in their history. Thank you to Jess and her team at Landsec and also the numerous consultants and contractors for allowing me and RLB to be able to do just that.”