RLB partners with CVCH to ensure safety as part of new Building Safety Act

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  • RLB partners with CVCH to ensure safety as part of new Building Safety Act
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James Gibson


James Gibson


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RLB UK has partnered with Castle Value Community Housing (CVCH), a subsidiary brand of The Pioneer Group, to oversee upgrades to two residential flat dwellings, as part of the Building Safety Act brought in early in 2023.

Undertaking building surveying for the upgrades at Chivenor House and Topcliffe House in Birmingham, the RLB team worked with Pioneer to implement improvements to the residences that have a combined occupancy of 80 flats. The project brings safety to the forefront and will put the development in line with the new legislation that was introduced following the Grenfell disaster in 2017.

The Building Safety Act 2022 requires all buildings that are above 18 metres or seven stories with two more than two residential properties to register them in October of 2023 with the Building Safety Regulator. This will lead to a process of certification which associated timescales have yet to be defined via the required secondary legislation.

RLB Associate, James Gibson, said:

“With safety our number one priority, we have collectively made the decision to proactively address, comply and exceed these expectations prior to them being mandated by statute.”

Meanwhile, Vikash Mistry, Resident Engagement Officer at CVCH said the safety of tenants is paramount.

“Meetings have taken place, and will continue to be held, with residents at Chivenor House to ensure that everyone living there is kept informed and up-to-date on the works being done. It is important they have a voice in shaping these upgrades as it is their home. Nothing is more important than the safety of our residents and we will continue to work with them and address any concerns that may have.”

The project at Chivenor House is expected to take 18 months, at which point, work will then begin at Topcliffe.

For more information on how RLB can help with the Building Safety Act requirements, read more here.