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Retailers had been watching and waiting for the Government announcement that came last November in relation to the Food (Promotion and Placement) (England) Regulations 2021 (the Regulations) legislation that barred high fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) products from key promotional locations such at the end of aisle displays, store entrances and checkouts.

Although the new laws that were initially proposed to come into play from April this year have now had their deadline extended by six months to October, many retailers are still suggesting this is too early to adapt store design and understand the real implication from an estates’ planning point of view.

At RLB we are already working with a number of national retailers to support them in understanding and adhering to the HFSS related legalisation and how this might affect their store planning, layout and merchandise. With our in-house Building Surveying team’s expertise and technology, we are undertaking in-store surveys that highlight which areas of the floorplan will be affected and which parts of their stores will now be off limits, effectively helping retailers redesign and plan the stores in their most efficient and productive way and delivering the programme on time to meet the October deadline.

For others this will mean making alterations to stores including refurbishment and fit out. Again, our teams have already been instrumental in providing solutions to retailers looking at how they might fit out an existing or new store to ensure that they are HFSS compliant come Autumn 2022.

For further information about how RLB might be able to provide retail design layouts,  and programme delivery, please contact Colin Smith.