Tesco’s first electric vehicle charging sites completed for COP26 by RLB UK

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  • Tesco’s first electric vehicle charging sites completed for COP26 by RLB UK
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Mark Constantine


Mark Constantine


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With RLB UK actively involved in COP26 and committed to taking sustainable action where possible, it was great news to be able to be part of one of our key clients’ Tesco’s delivery of the first two of five electric vehicle charging sites, as part of its target to reduce its CO2 emissions.

Appointed as Programme Lead and Project Manager, RLB UK supported Tesco in completing the two sites in Glasgow ahead of the COP26 Summit. With Tesco’s ambition to have all its 5,500 vehicles electrified by 2028, RLB was delighted to support the initiative that puts sustainability and innovation at the heart of the project.

Mark Constantine, Programme Manager for Tesco and RLB UK Associate comments, “As well as RLB UK pledging to meet a net zero position by 2025, sustainable practice is also at the heart of how we support clients. To be able to be involved in this innovative project that will change the way retailers think about their energy for their online distribution with long standing client Tesco was something we felt really excited about.”

Tesco continues, “With the increase in online retail here to stay, understanding how we can work to lessen carbon emissions while we continue to provide the best service is so important to us. The RLB UK team has not only helped us mobilise this change but worked with us to be agile and ensure we managed to get the first two sites in Glasgow over the line in record time.”