Sheffield City Council Strategic Delivery Partner

Multidisciplinary excellence: building a better Sheffield as strategic delivery partner

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RLB has been appointed as the Strategic Delivery Partner for Sheffield City Council. This partnership has been established to support Sheffield City Council's Capital Delivery Service and manage the council's growing portfolio of projects. This initiative is part of the city's wider investment programmes aimed at creating a smarter, greener, and better Sheffield for everyone.

The framework consists of a single-source delivery model provided by RLB, supported by supply chain partners such as Arup, HLM Architects, Whittam Cox Architects, and other regional SME consultants. The framework is in effect from July 2021 to June 2025. It covers all services throughout the building lifecycle, from principal design to project management, sustainability services, and civil engineering, with a focus on helping Sheffield City Council reach net zero.

RLB operates a Project Management-led, best-in-class, multidisciplinary team that operates on a call-off agreement. The team can commission services such as design, quantity surveying, building surveying, structural engineering, and more specialised services such as archaeology or energy consultancy.

At a glance

  • Client
    Sheffield City Council
  • Services
    Project & Programme Success, Commercial Success, Pre-Construction and Project Planning, Design Management, Built Asset Consultancy
  • sector
    Public & Civic, Commercial, Residential
  • Location
    Sheffield, United Kingdom

Success throughout the first year of the framework

In the first year of the framework, RLB has completed over 80 project requests. By having a wider team that focuses on different areas, RLB can better serve the Council, provide clearer lines of communication, more efficiently process and respond to individual task orders, clearly define lines of responsibility for different service streams, and provide opportunities for individuals within RLB to advance their careers through direct involvement in managing a key account, which is now the largest client in the region.

Commitment to delivering social value and supporting local communities

RLB is committed to delivering social value and contributing to the development of the local communities in which we operate. Our work with the South Yorkshire Children’s University (CU) and Sheffield Property Association (S-PA) is just one example of how we are supporting and inspiring the next generation of leading professionals in the built environment sector. We believe that investing in the development of the local talent pool is crucial for the long-term success of our industry, as well as the wider economy of the region.

With its long history in Sheffield, RLB is committed to making a difference in the city, and this framework provides a unique opportunity for the company to do just that.