With advanced security, seismic protection and state-of-the-art sustainability, Spark Data Centre sets a new benchmark.



When Spark NZ’s $60-million modular data centre opened in 2016, New Zealanders gained access to one of the largest, most sophisticated facilities in the world. With advanced security, seismic protection and state-of-the-art sustainability, the Spark Data Centre is helping New Zealand businesses manage their technology assets today and drive the country’s digital transformation.

As demand for data grows, Spark is ready to scale up. The flexible facility accommodates four 100-rack data halls today with capacity equivalent to 640,000 servers – or enough processing power for every New Zealander to host 10 websites. And with a modular design that supports fast construction, Spark can increase its capacity to 1,200 racks as it meets the demands of New Zealand’s digital future.

At a glance

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    Urban Partners
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    Commercial Success
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    Auckland, New Zealand

Information, ingenuity and fresh ideas

With more than 200 data center projects already under our belts around the world, the RLB team drew on our dynamic project database and deep knowledge of best practice benchmarks to contain costs and deliver value-for-money. As the data centre sector reaches an estimated US$60 billion by the end of 2020, RLB is ready with the information, ingenuity and fresh ideas to bring imagination to life.

“The Spark data centre is an impressive example of a resilient and sustainable project. Built to high global standards set by the Telecommunications Industry Association, the project paved the way for other data centres around the world and is helping to drive New Zealand’s digital transformation.”
Richard Anderson, Director, RLB

The ground-breaking modular design and state-of-the-art engineering demanded a project team that could look beyond business as usual. RLB’s team kept a close eye on cost control throughout the design development, value engineering and construction phases to ensure the project delivered value for money.

The facility is mounted on rubberised bearings to provide earthquake proofing.

Positioned away from flight paths, but close to road transport and data fibre links, the facility is mounted on rubberised bearings to provide earthquake proofing. While its foundations stretch 19 metres down to the bedrock, the data centre’s position on soft peat protects it from vibration – an important feature for data storage.

State-of-the-art, safe and secure

Billed as one of New Zealand’s “safest and most secure” buildings, Spark’s data centre was awarded a Tier 3 reliability rating from the Telecommunications Industry Association. This rating means customers can expect no more than 1.6 hours unplanned downtime a year.

  • NZ$
    million in value
  • 400
    data racks
  • 1,200
    rack future capacity

Balancing immediate returns and long-term value

RLB’s work providing cost planning, estimating and value engineering helps data centre clients around the world. With fresh ideas and flawless execution, we help balance the immediate challenges of safety, security, efficiency and cost with a lens on the long term so our clients can scale their data centre assets over time.

Sustainable energy saver

Data centres house a vast number of servers, which is why cooling systems are responsible for up to 40% of data center energy consumption. The energy efficient cooling system at Spark Data Centre saves a street’s worth of energy – enough to power more than 45 homes – every year. The system also reduces greenhouse gases by around 320,000 kilograms annually – equivalent to the emissions generated during 16 full flights between Auckland and Wellington. With a 60% lower energy footprint than its competitors, Spark Data Centre is a future-proofed, sustainable asset.