EMEA Hotels Monitor – Issue 27

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Paul Beeston


Paul Beeston


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The EMEA Hotels Monitor, produced by Whitebridge Hospitality, RLB and HOTSTATS, looks at trend analysis within the European hotel sector especially in light of performance, costs and transactions.

This issue gives you a true picture of the impact of C19 on our industry in 2020.  From a performance perspective, we have never seen such significant declines across the board, especially at GOP level, whereby half of the destinations listed generated negative GOPPARs. The pandemic induced slowdown in the construction industry across the region in 2020 is expected to impact tender prices in 2021, with hospitality still the worst affected sector. C19 restrictions on construction sites are thought to result in an average productivity loss of less than 20%.

The impact on the transactions market in H2 2020 is clear to see with volumes shrinking to levels last seen during the Global Financial Crisis.  


Paul Beeston
Paul Beeston

Partner – Head of Industry and Service Insight