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Procurement Trends Report 2022

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RLB procurement report finds collaborative practices thriving and few contractors widening their supply chain in response to challenging market.

The report issued by leading independent construction, property and management consultancy, Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB UK) has found that the industry has moved to more negotiated procurement activity as contractors grapple with supply side concerns, but are generally not widening their supply chain in response.

The annual report asking key stakeholders their thoughts and concerns about the issues affecting procurement, found that:

Paul Beeston, Partner at RLB UK comments, “In a heated procurement market, it comes as no real surprise that single stage routes to market are being dropped in favour of two stage and frameworks.  It is reassuring to see collaborative practices embraced both by clients making increased use of value-based selection criteria and by contractors’ responses to challenges in material availability.  Working collaboratively is the only way to achieve better procurement outcomes and more focus must be placed on the supply chain, in a challenging market such as this, to reduce the potential impacts on timing and cost.”


Paul Beeston
Paul Beeston

Partner – Head of Industry and Service Insight