RLB Tender Price Forecast UK – Q4 2021

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Russell Lloyd


Russell Lloyd


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The end-of-year 2021 edition of the Tender Price Forecast summarises the dramatic experience of the last year and looks to how 2022 will be unwrapped. Much will depend on how the industry continues to deal with its resource-availability and cost concerns, as input costs remain the focus of attention, and contractors’ cost responses are clothed in uncertainty.

Ordinarily, the combinations of inflationary events would give rise to repercussions in terms of rapid tender price inflation, but although input costs have risen, output prices, tender prices, have not risen commensurately. This may seem unusual, but this Q4 Tender Price Forecast explores the reasons behind it and whether the next year will be more of the same, or will unveil new levels of inflation after several years of modest uplifts.